RightNow Media

Faith Lutheran has a subscription to a Christian Online media service that is available for all of our members to use, free of charge.
Taken directly from their website, RightNow media’s mission is “to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all.” and for members to “Experience the world’s largest customizable library of biblical video resources for every person in your church or ministry.
Users have unlimited access to Bible studies, children’s stories, etc., all covering a wide variety of topics. Since most of us online access, we thought we would remind
you of this valuable resource. There are two different ways to access RightNow Media:
Please email Roxanne at communications@faithseguin.org for the congregation invite link for sign up.  Once there, you will be instructed to create a profile, including creating YOUR OWN password. Once you’ve created your profile, BOOM. Unlimited access to all of their resources.
2) You may also sign up by TEXT. Again, call or email Roxanne for the information.
We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and hope you enjoy your experience with RightNow Media.
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