Online Giving

WHAT IS myEoffering?
myEoffering is a service we’ve teamed up with to give you the ability to send your offerings online in the same way that many of you already pay bills and purchase products. We chose to use myEoffering because they are part of a trusted, Christian family-owned company, who have been serving the needs of churches for nearly 100 years. Their product is solid, secure, easy, and convenient.
WHY SHOULD I USE myEoffering?
Many of you already pay for purchases electronically, whether online or with a credit or debit card. So we have decided to offer this service as a convenience to you – you can stop writing checks or having to remember to bring cash every Sunday. Simply log in to our service and set up your offering. You can set the donations to match your pay periods, and even send your one-time donations to special offerings. This service allows you to give any amount, at any time, from home or on the road, with your computer or even your mobile device. Now you can control how and when you give your tithes.
HOW TO USE myEoffering:
(To use MyEOffering, click on the MyEOffering link, register your email and select a password, then set up your Wallet. Next, select “Offerings” add your offering. Make sure you select Faith Lutheran Church. We greatly appreciate your support of the Lord’s work at Faith Lutheran Church, Seguin.
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