Leadership At Faith

Our governing body at Faith Lutheran Church is an elected Church Council who along with the Pastor makes decisions in the spiritual health and life of the congregation as well as handling the day to day business of the church. These leadership roles have been entrusted to them by the congregation who elected them. These men and women have a deep love for the Lord, passion for service and are dedicated to serving Jesus and the congregation.

Church Council meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM in the small kitchen with an agenda-setting meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, also at 6:30 in the small kitchen. Any member of the congregation who would like to bring something before the Council is encouraged to contact any council member or attend the agenda-setting and Council meetings for the month.

Church Council – Executive Members

  • President, Ric Landvatter
  • Vice President, Katharine Schievelbein (Preschool Committee)
  • Secretary,  Kim Koenig, (Senior High Youth Committee)
  • Treasurer, Doris Englehardt (Stewardship Committee)
  • Assistant Treasurer,  Julia Glenewinkel, (Social Concerns)

Church Council Members

  • Tim Bogisch, Worship Committee
  • Lisa Owen, Mission Outreach Committee
  • Fran Braun, Parish Education Committee
  • Lisa Warren, Junior High Youth Committee
  • George Mannel, Property Management

Ex-officio to the Council

  •  Jim Craver, Senior Pastor
  • Andrew Cave, Director of Youth & Education
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