Why Do Churches Die? Pastor Jim’s Sermon Series continues through July 22nd. Many churches are dying. Some are so sick that they are a few years, perhaps even just months, from death. But too many congregations refuse to do anything. Why? Why do these dying churches walk resolutely down the path of death? Why don’t they attempt something dramatic, something bold?

      Topics to be considered:          

July 22nd: When Tradition Becomes More Important Than Truth.


The Social Concerns Committee will sponsor Game Night at Seguin Assisted Living on Tuesday, July 24th, from 6:30 to 8 PM. Come and play a game of dominoes with the residents or just visit for a while. Make time to brighten someone’s day!


Tuesday evenings at 5:30 PM in the sanctuary Faith Lutheran holds a time for evening prayer. You may pray aloud or silently in this informal small group setting. Everyone is welcome to join in this dedicated time of prayer.





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